Advantages and Disadvantages of a Portable Air Conditioner

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Portable Air Conditioner

Struggling to decide whether you should opt for a Portable air conditioner or not. Considering the options with an ‘if’, trying to guess how and what does the product has in store for you? Will it fulfill your needs? Well, you have come to the right place, as we have listed a few advantages and disadvantages to making this choice a little bit easier for you. You can go through Air Conditioner Price in India on the internet to ensure that the product comes under your budget and offers you all the required qualities.



This can be considered as the leading factor as to why people are choosing to go portable. It goes against the traditional construct of air conditioners, which is either mounted to the wall or to your window. The product offers you with a choice to move it from one room to another. It comes with wheels on its base, which contributes to effortless moving. Air Conditioner Price in India is already high and is further increased with its installation charges. With portable AC, you don’t have to pay any installation fee, it is hassle free, and can be easily installed.

Cost efficient and effectively

Being a smaller unit, portable Air Conditioner Price in India is relatively cheaper than large window ACs or the centralized air conditioners. Since the product is available at a cheaper prize, you will be saving on some extra money.

Best for Rental Users

Portable products are a blessing for modern day hippies of the urban world. The easy mobility and installation process makes them suitable for transportation during shifting and making them convenient while relocating. Portable Air Conditioner Price in India, also doesn’t cost much, making it best choice for rental use.


Noise Contributors

Since everything resides in a single unit, portable air conditions contribute to much more noise compared to other forms of air conditioners. This won’t be suitable for working environment, as it might serve as a source of distraction, irritating the workers. Air Conditioner Price in India, being relatively cheaper might have caused the device to be this noisy considering its design which doesn’t add any form of noise eliminator.

Messy Water Management

The dehumidifying process used in air conditioners attracts all the moisture from the enclosed space and extracts it in the form of water. Portable Air Conditioner Price in India, although is cheaper compared to the other products, it uses the same technology. However, the moisture, which is being pulled out of the device, demands to be placed near a window or an opening in order to let the water flow out from the device, with the help of a hose or pipe which is connected to the device.

Some of its products exhibit a pan which is placed on the product, which needs to be too emptied constantly.


The product only contributes to a single hose, which makes it less efficient at cooling the space with the same speed as any regular AC. The process involved in its dehumidification also requires extra energy and delays the whole process of cooling. However, some new models are being introduced in the market, with two hosen separating the warm and cool air, adapting the process involved in a window AC.

Placement Restrictions

Two factors to the restriction of the device are its plug in system and water management. Despite offering easy mobility and hassle-free installation process, it still needs to be positioned near a plug, which obviously restricts its movements. Apart from this the manual transferring of water through the product or the necessity to have accessibility to a window restricts the preference for the product.

Conclusion: Portable Air Conditioner Price in India is cheaper than the standard AC price, which sure will help you save some extra bucks. But one cannot make this choice based only on money as it doesn’t contribute to the similar cooling efficiency as of a wall mounted AC. The product also is restricted to users who do not have a window or free space near their plug in order to install the device, which is a limitation contradicting its advantage of mobility. It is the best choice for you in case you are looking for the temporary solution which can be easily relocated with you.